Out Of Our Comfort Zone

When will I get rich or financially free?

At work, this is the common question that I here from my friends every time we have lunch break.

It’s almost 7 years that I was working as an OFW and, this same question of when will I get rich or financially free always comes in my mind. Being an Engineer, I thought the road to riches and financial freedom is within my reach, but it is not. Although I have a good paying JOB, my compensation is merely enough for paying my kids school fees, house loan, utilities, insurance and other$.

We can’t deny that our JOB provides financial security and comfort however, but I think this will not make us financially free. For many professionals, JOB is their comfort zone however, staying too long in this comfort zone will not make them grow.

There is a saying that “The craziest thing to do is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result”. If you are working in a corporate world for a very long time and your financial situation doesn’t change, don’t blame your company but rather blame yourself.

Most of the time, it pays more to go out of our Comfort Zone. We can explore the exciting world of generating a passive income thru investments.

I am not telling you to quit your 8hours job. I was encouraging you to put a certain amount of money to any investment of your choice. By doing this faithfully, time will come that the income being generated by your investments is good enough to cover all your expenses.

For a newbie, venturing the world of investment is scary but after you get your feet wet on investment, it’s like putting coins on your piggy bank.

I am pretty sure that you don’t want to spend your whole life in a stressful corporate world.

Invest early and be financially free.

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About "The Overseas Pinoy Investor"
Engineer by profession and an OFW working in Thailand. Join me in venturing the exciting world of investment and encouraging OFW's around the world to invest especially in the Philippines.

3 Responses to Out Of Our Comfort Zone

  1. bryansalud says:

    sir do you know the cashflow quadrant of robert kiyosaki ? it’s a nice and informational book as well as his other books. if i have only a personal computer i want to make also a blog like this, hehe

  2. bryansalud says:

    i have also a Blog, actually a mobile Blog, http://www.panpan023mobileblog.tk with the use of my phone and an “illegal” connection, but i rent sometimes to post an information. Anyways, i’m deciding to join the world of stock market, i don’t know but i feel we’re so very close, hehe

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